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our doctors

Dr. Monika Kölsch

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Dr. Christophe Walentiny


Born in Luxembourg a long time ago, I went to study medicine in Munich with the firm intention of becoming a psychiatrist. Later on I became more enthusiastic about infectious and tropical diseases, so I started to work at the Tropical Medicine Institute oft he university of Muncih after my studies, and after half a year working with doctors without borders in Burundi. Nearly 5 years and one daughter later I went south to La Réunion, where I spent 1.5 years in the emergency room and the intensive care unit. Back in Germany I worked in a general medicine practice in Saarburg. About one year and a son later I obtained the diploma as a specialist in general medicine and the additional qualification as an emergency medicine doctor. Since the end of 2012 I have been working in a large interdisciplinary emergency room in Luxembourg (CHL) and as an emergency doctor in the Trier area. I spend about one month a year in French Guiana, where I find a wonderful combination of my medical passions of general medicine, emergency medicine and tropical medicine in remote health stations. From now on, my main focus will be on our general medicine practice, but without completely giving up emergency medical care and travel to the tropics. Consultations are possible in German, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Luxembourgish.

our medical assistants

Jessica Hermes

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Jekaterina Root

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My name is Katja and I have been working in this clinic for 11 years. I am very happy to help people with my job.
My favorite areas of practice are the lab, wound management and home visits. In 2017 I completed a training as a care assistant (VERAH) and as non-medical-practice-assistant (näPA).This enables our clinic a more intensive care of Home-Patient.

Leonie Ackermann


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