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Allgemeinmedizin und Reisemedizin

Welcome to the General Medicine Clinic of Dr. Kölsch and Dr. Walentiny

Small or large, young or old, acute or chronically ill: All are welcome in our clinic. On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our general medicine clinic.

Opening hours

Monday          7-12 and 15-19

Tuesday        7-12 and 15-19

Wednesday        9-12

Thursday    7-12 and 15-19

Friday             9-12

Telephonic consultation: 12-13

Afternoons only with appointment.

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You will find an overview of our services offered here.

You can choose and book your appointment yourself here.

On this site you will learn more about our doctors and our team.

All information about vaccines and travel related issues can be found here.

If you are a known patient of out clinic you can order follow-up-recipies here.

Up-to-date information and downloads can be found here.

About us

We are a general medical group practice, centrally located in Trier, close to Luxembourg, and the first point of contact for all questions concerning your health and well-being. We cover the entire field of general medicine care.

This includes preventive measures such as vaccinations, preventive examinations and check-ups. If you are acutely ill, we will carry out the emergency treatment and try to find the right therapy or a suitable contact person. We participate in the disease management program, which focuses on a guideline-oriented, optimized therapy of chronic diseases (COPD/asthma, heart failure, diabetes). We carry out geriatric assessments for elderly patients, and we are happy to take care of optimising home care and equipping them with aids. If the practice is no longer easily accessible for you due to health or age reasons, we will of course also carry out home visits.

We have modern equipment for ultrasound, pulmonary function testing, ECG, long-term electrocardiogram or blood pressure measurement. We also offer a wide range of individual health services, such as infusion therapy, allergy testing, mesotherapy, botulinum toxin injections (« Botox »), anti-wrinkle injections and ketamine infusion for the treatment of depression.

Travel medicine consultation including yellow fever vaccination is also offered, including outside normal office hours.

On this website you can find more detailed information – or simply contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Individual Appointments

Dear patients,

We care about your health. Therefore, an individual support and thus appointment is very important to us. Using the form below, you can easily reserve your personal appointment online.

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This post is also available in: FrenchGerman